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Mae Vona

Mae Vona

Maeve Gillies
Maeve Gillies

Maeve Gillies is an award-winning jeweler and designer from Scotland. Born and raised in a family of nationally-acclaimed academics, musicians and politicians, Maeve holds two degrees in goldsmithing - including a Masters from the prestigious Royal College of Art in London.

Maeve has designed, lectured and exhibited jewelry all around the world - in Asia, Australia, America, Europe and the UK. Prior to launching her company MaeVona, she was Head of Design for Domino, England - the largest manufacturer of platinum jewellery in Europe, selling 35,000 designs per year in 30 countries.

Maeve launched MaeVona, the Celtic-inspired bridal brand, in New York City in 2005 with her business partner Kenneth Cowin. MaeVona supplies Maeve's unique engagement rings and wedding bands to over 100 top independent retailers across North America. One of very few bridal jewelry companies created, designed and operated by a woman, MaeVona is now established as an award-winning industry leader with a 'cult' following. All products and marketing are themed around Maeve's homeland of Scotland.

Maeve's independent spirit comes across in her fashion-forward style, as well as her uncompromising heirloom-quality workmanship. Maeve travels all across the USA, working with sales professionals and store owners, meeting her customers and enthusing everyone she meets with her passion and vision for incredible design that will last a lifetime.

Maeve says, "A MaeVona engagement ring should make your heart sing. It should feel exquisite when you pick it up; like a beautiful watch or a piece of antique jewelry, you just know it is special. The details are everything – the curves, the softness, the weight, the finish - it must make you feel unique, and must give you confidence that the piece will last a lifetime. Often this is the most important piece of jewelry my customers will own, so I take such pleasure in knowing they are happy. What I have created has so much love in it, and means everything to them. It doesn't get much better than this!"

This year Maeve took her love of beautiful metal into bottle design, creating an incredible, limited edition silver whisky bottle for Highland Park Distillery's 50-year-old single malt Scotch. Only 275 bottles were available worldwide, at a price of $17,400 per bottle. Maeve's groundbreaking design scooped global rave reviews, as well as a Worldwide Packaging Design of 2010 award.

Claude Thibeaudeau

Claude Thíbaudeau

Claude Thibaudeau
Claude Thíbaudeau

Call me Claude... not Mr. Thibaudeau, he says!

That's how down-to-earth this world renowned jewelry designer really is.

Born in the French-speaking city of Montreal on June 29, 1958, Claude learned the jewelry business at a very young ae by frequenting the family's repair shop established by his great grandfather Ulric in 1872. He watched, studied and practiced every aspect of manufacturingm, repair and design, and at the age of 16 he was already an experienced gem setter. Claude had already an innovative vision of design that set him apart from the rest.

At age 25 be began creating his first distinctive collections in the basement of his home. He travelled throughout Canada promoting and selling his designs to retail jewelers. Keeping to his well grounded family traditions, Claude's wife Monique joined the business as the company's administrator, while his 21-year old brother Marc, joined the team as sales manager.

In 1992 Claude made his first foray into the United States at the JCK Las Vegas jewelry Trade Show. In 1995, after he won the prestigious "La Griffe D'or award" for best new jewelry designer, the company expanded rapidly into the U.S. and Caribbean markets. More new doors opened in 2002, when the company was invited to exhibit at the Basel World Jewelry show in Switzerland. Of the 2,200 manufacturers represented, Claude Thibaudeau Designs was the only Canadian designer. The collections are now available at many of the finest jewelry boutiques in the United States, Canada and Europe.

Over the years, Claude has crated thousands of exquisite pieces and marketed many well-known exclusive collections, such as: Pure Perfection Collection, La Cathédrale, La Royale, and his famous patented concept, "The Inseparables" which are two-piece intertwined bands forr men & women also Claude created the Black Hevea Band Collection. Calude is truly dedicated to creating the finest quality of Platinum and 18Karat jewelry, or as he says, "la crème de la crème". His desire to create the best that can be seen with his newst collection "The Hand Crafted European Micro-Pavé Collection." These unique pieces are recognized all over the world for their unsurpassed quality and incredible attention to detail and workmanship. His efforts have been rewarded by the countless letters and e-mails he receives weekly from consumers and retail jewelers thanking him for mkaing such beautiful designs and creating evelasting heirloom pieces.

Claude's enthusiasm and love of jewelry design can be directly attributed to his positive attitude, unique view of the world's natural and man-made creations, and his philosophy of 'every day surpassing what has been achieved yesterday".

A Family Tradition Since 1872