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Conflict Free Diamonds

Understanding Conflict Free Diamonds

"Lustig's takes the conflict diamond issue very seriously; we deal only with reputable diamond sources that can prove that their diamonds are conflict-free."

You are like other informed shoppers today. You want value and quality in all your purchases, and especially when it comes to important items. News reports have brought to light many issues concerning diamond shopping with terms like Conflict, or Conflict free Diamonds, and the Kimberley Process.

  • Conflict diamonds are so named because they are suspected or known to originate from regions where mining practices can be severely abusive to the mine workers. The term also applies to diamonds whose profits support conflict including terrorism.
  • Conflict-free diamonds are sourced from strictly monitored areas where fair business practices are established and the paper trail substantiates the assertion that no profits from diamonds fund any conflicts.
  • The Kimberly Process is the industry approved certification for diamond production. Workers are fairly treated, local beneficiation occurs and a strong safety net insures diamonds are conflict-free so that consumers are proud of these purchases.

But how does this affect the diamond trade, and more importantly what does it mean for you, the thoughtful consumer? Lustig Jewelers wants you to know that we share the same high values of responsible business practices that you do. And we are committed to providing our valuable customers with diamonds that are certified to be Conflict-free from the most reputable suppliers in the trade.

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