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Diamond Facts

Learn about Diamonds Before You Buy

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Diamond Colors

Lustig Jewelers wants you to know about diamonds before you buy. That way, you are an informed participant in the selection process, and you will make the choice in diamond purchasing that’s right for you, your recipient and your budget.

Here are some fascinating facts about diamonds so when you make your selection, you will be choosing wisely.

Did You Know—

  • that diamonds are the only gemstone mineral in the world made from one single element? That element is simple carbon.
  • that the ‘youngest’ diamonds are billions of years old? Yes, it’s true. Diamonds are even found embedded in meteors falling to earth from outer space.
  • that diamonds are the earth’s hardest known substance, and only a diamond can scratch another diamond!

The Four Cs of a Diamonds’ Quality

Several characteristics of a diamond are taken into consideration by the diamond industry when establishing a quality grade for the stone. Understanding a diamond’s four Cs is vital to understanding how a diamond is quality graded, and how that affects the value of the stone.

These are the same criteria that jewelers review when grading diamonds, and they're the ones you'll need to understand so you can buy the right diamond for you.

Cut — how well proportioned, symmetrical and finish-polished the stone is
Clarity — how free the stone is from internal and external imperfections
Color — this refers to how free of body color a diamond is (as in colorless!)
Carat — the weight of a diamond on a jewelers scale, not the size of the stone

Brilliant Cut Diamond
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Ideal Brilliant Cut Diamond

Exact proportions allow light to reflect and refract precisely through the diamond to give a luxurious prism effect and brilliance. Ideal cut diamonds produce superior light performance and offer ultimate polish and symmetry.