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Custom Jewelry Designed and Created


I get SO many compliments on my ring! We love it!
Julie Mathy

Most Jewelry lovers know how they'd like a special jewelry piece to look. But buying readymade jewelry doesn't always meet that expectation. When a custom design jewelry item is desired, think of Lustig Jewelers. That's exactly what smart collectors have been doing for decades.

Lustig Jewelers is the place for custom designed jewelry. Lustig's in-house designer Roman, has delivered high quality custom made jewelry to happy customers for 20 years. All jewelry casting and wax molds are created on-site. Ask to see his custom creations for yourself, and experience the skill and artistry of a master jeweler. From simple to complex, Roman will execute your jewelry concept to perfection. All work is 100% guaranteed to your complete satisfaction.

You are invited to view the jewelry design in progress by seeing the wax model. See why our clients come from miles away come to experience the Roman difference.

Concept to Completion—Your custom design goes through many steps

Watch Lustig's own jeweler Roman skillfully perform some of the steps in creating custom designed jewelry.

Click a video to view each step of the process.