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Still building on Six Decades of Personalized Customer Care

"Exceptional Customer Service is an understatement. It's more like perfection!"
Jim Blair

With over six decades of personalized customer care and most exquisite array of fine jewelry has made Lustig Jewelers the finest shopping experience in the region.

Expanded Gold Buying Program

Lustig's has expanded their services to include a gold buying program, which offers clients an opportunity turn out of date or broken gold jewelry into instant cash. Customers may also opt for creating new jewelry designs with the gold they have brought in.

Custom Designed and Created Jewelery

Modern jewelry lovers often have a strong sense of their personal style. Having an on premises master bench jeweler is something of a rarity today. But at Lustig's it's an affordable luxury to have custom jewelry made to order right in the store.

Commitment to Conflict-Free Diamonds & Gemstones

Lustig Jewelers is committed to providing the finest quality luxury goods to its clientele. For that reason they proudly support and offer Canada Goose Diamonds, known for their exceptional quality and are always conflict free, sourced by the world's most ethical mining practices.