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Diamond Education

The more you know about diamonds before you buy the greater will be your appreciation of these miracles of nature—and of your own diamond. Take a moment to browse through these diamond facts so when you make your selection, you will know you’ve selected the absolute perfect diamond for yourself.

GIA Color ScaleThe 4Cs Guide

These are the same criteria that jewelers review when grading diamonds. Once you familiarize yourself with the 4Cs, you can select the right diamond for you.

Cut — how well proportioned, symmetrical and finish-polished the stone is

Clarity — how free the stone is from internal and external imperfections

Color — this refers to how free of body color a diamond is (as in colorless!)

Carat — the weight of a diamond on a jewelers scale, not the size of the stone

Good to Know

Diamonds are the only gemstone in the world made from a single element; pure carbon.

The ‘youngest’ diamonds are billions of years old. It’s true. Diamonds are even found embedded in meteors falling to earth from outer space.

Diamonds are the earth’s hardest known substance; so only a diamond can scratch another diamond.

The Right Cut

Ask the experts at Lustig Jewelers to show you more about how a diamond’s cut affects its light performance. Outstanding cut proportions allow light to reflect and refract precisely through the diamond giving it a luxurious prism effect and brilliance. Ideal cut diamonds produce superior light performance and offer ultimate polish and symmetry.

The Right Shape

Everyone has a preference - here's a quick reference guide to diamond shapes.

Diamond shapes