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Superfit™ Adjustable Ring Shanks for Arthritic Joints

If you have found it difficult to wear your favorite rings or haven't purchased that new ring you want due to the problems associated with ring fit and finger joint swelling, Lustig Jewelers can create a new ring or retrofit an existing ring with an adjustable shank.

Sizing a ring to pass over an enlarged knuckle is not a satisfactory solution. This is because the ring will be very loose at the point where it's worn. The excess space will allow the ring to turn on the finger in a very unattractive manner. In addition to this, the turning and constant correction of its position will become very uncomfortable and annoying. Some customers, in desperation, try a smaller size and resort to forcing it over the joint. However, removing tight rings from swollen fingers can cause severe pain depending upon the advancement of arthritis and in the finger joint swelling. If the ring is not removed over time, it may become "trapped" on your finger.

Superfit™ Adjustable Ring Shanks

Adjustable Ring Shanks have an Ingenious Locking Clasp

Superfit™ adjustable shanks are a hinged shank with an ingenious positive locking clasp that closes with an audible "click". To open a superfit, the customer pushes a small recessed button with the tip of a ball point pen. The shank snaps open and allows the ring to be removed without having to pass over the finger joint. We stock the most popular superfit sizes to handle most retrofits.

Superfits are available in a wide selection of widths and can be adjusted up or down one full size. Superfits are also available by special order in platinum and 18K yellow.

Contact us for details on Superfit™ Adjustable Ring Shanks

Superfit shanks are offered as a custom service to our clients and require professional installation by an experienced jeweler. Due to the custom nature of the integration of the Superfit shanks with the many various ring styles and band widths it is impossible for us to provide pricing information without seeing the intended ring. If you are located in the Chicago area, we ask that you bring your ring to our store for our jewelers to evaluate. If you are unable to visit the store, we will require a photograph of the ring and other details before we can provide a price quote.

*** Starting price of $1500 in 14 karat gold ***

Please call or email us for more information on purchasing a Superfit Shank.


Using the Multi-Sizer to determine ring size

The multsizer works like a belt. Simply push the end through the buckle to form a ring shape.

Slip the multisizer on to your finger. Adjust to give a comfortable fit.

When best fit is achieved, read off size indicated by the arrow (size 7 shown).

The multisizer is provided a no charge on request if you request a Superfit™ shank.


Superfit™  Shank with Solitair Setting

Only you know it's there
Shown above: a solitaire mounted on a Superfit™ adjustable shank demonstrates how the shank opens to slip over the knuckle.

Superfit™  custom ring
A Lustig custom ring with Superfit™ Shank

Superfit™  Custom Ring
Lustig custom ring with Superfit™ Shank